Contents of page have moved to another location

      The contents of the page you are trying to reach have moved to another location as part of a reorganization I am engaging in for parts of this web site. All links on my web site have been altered to reflect this change. If you have got here now, it is probably because you bookmarked this page earlier, before I moved its contents - or else you may have reached the page which links to it from a search engine, using a cached - and out-of-date - copy kept by the search engine. (I know Google at least has older copies of some of my web pages.)
      Please click here to see the information that used to be here - and, while you are there, please update your bookmark to its current U.R.L. This cautionary page is not guaranteed to remain here permanently, and will be one of the first things to go if I start to run out of room for new web-site pages. In fact, I recommend that you bookmark only the front page of this web site, or at least one of the higher-level menu pages, because it is always possible some pages, particularly the more specific or detailed ones, could change name and/or contents as I reorganize the web site in response to changing or growing contents, and I will not always necessarily use a cautionary page such as this to cover all future changes.
      Thank you, and sorry for any inconvenience over this.

                                        Michael Edwards.