"Why D is arguably the centre of the harmonic universe" (proposed music theory essay) - Page not yet written

      This page has not been written yet, but links from other menu pages used to point here; also, there is a link to here from another musical essay on the diatonic modes which is currently in progress.
      If you reached this page, there are a few possible reasons:
(a) You may have bookmarked it earlier;
(b) You may have arrived here via a cached copy of another page of my site on a search engine, and that cached page may have contained a link to here;
(c) You may have just visited my page containing the beginning of an essay on the 7 diatonic modes (still unfinished), which contains a link here.
      The essay intended for here is mostly written, but needs a bit of editing and reorganization before it is ready to post here, and I hope to do that in the future. Meanwhile, until it is available, please either use "back-space" to return to where you came from, or continue from the site map.

                                        Michael Edwards.