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Schneebeli: Game's End - spoiler warning)

Barry W. SCHNEEBELI: Game's End - spoiler warning

Review by Michael Edwards

      The page following this is a review by myself of Barry Schneebeli's unpublished novel Game's End, which is available from the author himself. It is a direct sequel to Mendal Johnson's novel Let's Go Play at the Adams' (reviewed elsewhere on this web site - without plot spoilers), and in order to discuss the sequel, it will be necessary to discuss features of Johnson's novel which may spoil it for those who have not yet read it. If you do not want crucial plot elements from Let's Go Play at the Adams' revealed, then PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED TO THE NEXT PAGE.
      I might add that if you have not read Johnson's novel, I recommend you do so before reading Barry's sequel, since the sequel quite extensively develops characters and situations first introduced in the original novel. Unfortunately, it is not easy to obtain, although this web site's review page for it contains a link for finding used copies of it, as well as a link that leads to Barry's own web site, from which you can obtain his e-mail address, if you are interested in reading Game's End. But please do read Let's Go Play at the Adams' first, for maximum reading enjoyment.
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