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      This page shows the main subject areas this web site covers. For a detailed list of all pages, see the Site Map.
      On both this page and the site map, you will notice that some of the links are in bold type, while others are italicized and in parentheses. The links in bold type point to pages that already exist and are substantial, if not quite complete in some cases (some pages by nature are subject to frequent updating and in a sense may never be complete), whereas the italicized links in parentheses refer to pages which are not yet written. The links are active, but point only to a dummy page: a placeholder which says the page is not yet written and contains a link back to the site map.
      On rare occasions, I may start a page, but for some reason may not be able to complete it for some time; in such cases I will indicate links in Roman type, but not bold and not parenthesized. I will indicate pages thus only when their incompleteness is obvious; if a page is far from complete but the information there stands on its own quite well, as far as it goes, I treat it like a normal page which is complete (as of the current time).
      Please see the Foreword at the top of the Site Map for a more detailed explanation about how I've used these typographic conventions, and about how the web site and site map are structured.

Michael Edwards,
Victoria, Australia.

E-mail: m j e (no dots or spaces) at remove-spam-block foxall dot com dot au

      If you need an explanation for the strange appearance of the e-mail address which will appear when you activate the e-mail link, you can read more about spam-blocking measures I am using on my e-mail address on this web site; here, you will find out exactly what you will need to do to make the e-mail address work properly.

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