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      Special features of my book listings
      What is included in my book listings, and criteria used to decide this
      Conventions I have used in listings, and what they mean

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   |--Science Fiction       [ down to Horror - up to Composite listings ]
   |  |--Eleanor Cameron
   |  |--( Hal Clement )
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   |  |--Enid Blyton
   |  |  +--Enid Blyton F.A.Q.
   |  |--Mel Lyle
   |  |--Charles Spain Verral and George Wyatt
Also, from science fiction listings:
   |  |--Eleanor Cameron
   |  |--E. C. Eliott
   |  |--( Angus MacVicar )
   |  |--( Patrick Moore )
   |  |--( Hugh Walters )
Also, from horror listings:
   |  +--( Christopher Pike )
   +--( Non-fiction )       [                     up to Children's ]
      +--( Richard Dawkins )


      Special features offered by my book listings
      What is included in my book listings, and criteria used to decide this
      Conventions I have used in listings, and what they mean

      On this web site, I am presenting listings of books in areas that are of interest to me, based on information which I have collected over many years. If I have found this information useful in my own book-collecting, I figure that it may be useful to others also, so I wish to share it.

Special features of my book listings

      At this point, you may be asking whether there aren't already web sites out there (some of which I intend to provide links to when I have gathered the information and organized it) which provide far more comprehensive listings than I, as a solitary person, can ever hope to do? So is it not superfluous for me to add yet another site in this area, which must always be narrower in its focus?
      I am not attempting (fruitlessly) to compete directly against some of these other sites, but I believe there is a niche I can fill. Of course I can only do this in those areas and authors that interest me personally, which I have taken the time to research. But, within those areas, I believe I can offer something those other sites don't usually seem to. I will briefly describe what I believe I can offer:
      (a) Most book-list sites I've seen list books either alphabetically or by year of publication, and give either no information about which books belong to series or are otherwise related, or else give information of this sort which is obviously (to someone who knows the author's work) incomplete. Sometimes this series information can be found only by following a link to a separate page. I list series books together as a group within the author listing, using a series heading, and an indenting system which makes the relationships between the books very clear, and use footnotes or other annotations where necessaty to clarify things.
      (b) Even those sites which do include series listings usually only list novels which belong to a series. I attempt to include all short stories which also belong to a series, whether those stories are in a collection which is not labelled as being within the series, or whether the stories are uncollected, and have appeared only in anthologies or magazines. (When the story is not available in a collection of work all by the author in question, I will include details (when I have them) of magazine or anthology appearances; but otherwise, I just name the collection, and do not give details of magazine or anthology appearances. I do not have the expertise to do this comprehensively, and probably not even the time.)
      (c) Apart from series, I give full short-story listings of collections that are included in my listing. (I do not promise that my listing includes all collections by an author, although I will, for each author, state the completeness of the listing.)
      For whatever reasons, most book-listing sites do not include the type of detail just listed which I hope to offer, or they do so, but incompletely. (I can't always claim to be complete myself, but I will attempt to be, and by its nature, this site will always be a work in progress.) I have gathered this information from many sources (which I will credit in cases where I remember them), and I believe many of the listings on my web site contain details which can not be found anywhere on the web in any single location, or, where (in some cases) it can be found in one location, I believe I offer a format, a layout, which will be easier to follow. This is the niche I believe I can fill, which (rather inexplicably, to my mind) most of the other sites do not fill satisfactorily.

      I might as well say a few words about what I am not trying to do: and that is to provide complete, detailed bibliographic information about books: publisher, history of various editions, pagination, and the like. I do not have the time or the expertise to investigate such details fully, and I am concentrating on the kinds of information that I believe will be of most use to collectors wanting to collect particular authors or series, which is also the kind of information I do have at hand: namely, the titles of books, year of first publication, and series relationships. Once readers have at least found out from my web site what books or series they want to look for, if they need more information about those books, I suggest they consult the various sites that do give the kind of bibliographic detail I am passing over.
      With short stories, I do not even attempt to give complete publishing histories, even when I have this information at hand. I simply give the most easily available location of short stories; if a story has never been collected, I will give its original magazine or anthology appearance if I have this information - but, if it has been collected, I content myself merely with stating the collection it is in. The focus is on simply guiding you to the most easily available source for reading the story.
      The more detailed bibliographic information strikes me as being of less use to regular collectors, although it may be important to specialized collectors who look for particular editions, not just any edition for purposes of reading. These specialized collectors may still find my title listings useful to some degree, but will have to go elsewhere for more detailed bibiographic information.
      There is another reason I do not give extremely detailed information: the need to conserve space on my web site. My service provider imposes a limit on the total size of customers' web sites. They do not appear to enforce it strictly, and I could probably more than fill the space allotted to me quite easily - but I do not want to abuse the trust they seem to place in their customers. I believe I can have more space for an extra fee, but I do not want to expand needlessly into areas I know I can't cover comprehensively, and want to conserve my available space for as long as I can - cost does enter into my decisions at some point. For this reason, I have to be rather selective about what information I include.

What is included, and criteria used to decide this

      The book listings on this web site are largely, although not exclusively, centred around science-fiction, horror, thrillers, mysteries, adventures, and similar genres. (There may be a shortage of books which some might consider more mainstream, such as the "classics", or just contemporary mainstream fiction - but the listings are based on my own areas of interest, and do not pretend to be anything more than selective according to my interests; and I make no pretence at the deep culture of my reading interests.)
      The information collected here has accumulated over many years from many sources (not all remembered now), and is based largely on my own book collection, and augmented by research I've done over many years to find out what authors and books I want to collect.
      I have collected information about books over many years largely in order to actually obtain copies of those books. I tend to be obsessive about being complete about authors or series once my interest in them reaches a certain point, although, for authors, there is an in-between area where I may be interested in certain books by a particular author, but have not (yet, anyway) felt compelled to get all that author's works (and therefore not created a complete list of his or her works). (With a series of related books, it tends to be more black-and-white: either I am not interested, or else I have to have every book or short story in the series.)
      This explains the way this information was collected, and how it arises out of my own reading interests. However, there are many inconsistencies in the information: there may be huge omissions of stories, or even whole authors you might expect, from the general content of the listings, to be included; and there may be authors, genres, and books included here which you may not expected to be included. It is a personal list, and the only criterion is whether I am sufficiently interested in any authors or books to have made the effort to do the research to collect the information.
      And the inclusion of authors or books is not even necessarily an indication that I am interested. In collecting books, I do not entirely divide books into two rigid categories: those that interest me, and those that don't; there are always items of medium interest which defy such a clear-cut division. I try to make such a division, because ultimately my buying behaviour is black and white: I either end up purchasing something or I don't, and prefer not to have items lingering around (on written lists, or in my mind) for which I cannot decide whether to embark on collecting them or not. But, in practice, there are authors or books (occasionally even whole genres) where I am not sure if I will develop an interest, but I have been interested enough to at least gather some information. And I have often (but not always) included such information in my listings, even if I have decided subsequently I am not interested in the books in question, and do not collect them any longer (or never began collecting them at all).
      I present my information, with all its inconsistencies and omissions, here, because it seems to me to have grown to an extent that will be of assistance to people collecting those books. Whether I am still interested in certain books or authors, or whether they have joined the category of ones I investigated then lost interest in, is not relevant to other collectors, so I do not indicate what books I actually have, what books I still want to buy, what ones I am still undecided about, and what ones I am definitely not interested in. (Although this listing is based largely on my own collection, it aims to be at least a bit more than merely a "my book collection" site.) I will simply present all information which I know or suspect to be complete, or nearly so; and I will include information I know not to be complete, but which will still (in my estimation) be of some assistance to collectors. I will indicate, for any author or series, the degree of completeness of the information as I understand it to be. If I am uncertain whether some information is complete, I will also indicate the degree of probability of my statement. So I will include indications such as "Complete listing", "Probably complete listing", "Possibly complete listing", "Probably incomplete listing", "Incomplete listing", "Complete science fiction" (meaning that non-science-fiction is either not listed, or is listed incompletely) - and so on.

      If any readers can help me fill gaps in my information, I will welcome any e-mails from them containing such information. Please send me any information or corrections you can supply. It is very likely I will include such information in my listings, and I will credit you as my source of information by name, unless you ask me not to.
      I don't guarantee to use all information, although it is very likely I will. In certain areas of marginal or no interest to me personally, where I am aware that it would take a great deal of research to complete my information, I will possibly decide it is not worth the effort, and I may not use information relating to this which I receive. For instance, I am not especially interested in Star Wars books, although they get mentioned occasionally because some are mentioned in the listing for Alan Dean Foster, an author I am interested in, and have many listings for. I am also aware that there are now a great many Star Wars books by many different writers, and that it would be extremely difficult and time-consuming to compile a listing for them; so I have decided not to make any active effort to compile such a listing, even though some of these books may be included because they are by authors I attempt to give a complete listing for.
      In short, the list of books presented on my web site is basically my own book collection, plus books I do not have but am actively seeking, plus also some books I am not interested in (or am not sure if I am interested in) which I happen to have collected information on also in the course of researching other books. (The process of researching books is a bit like using a vacuum cleaner: in the course of researching, I tend to also suck up information on other books that are related in some way, and because I am not always sure where the exact borders of my interest lie, I tend to err on the side of inclusion rather than exclusion.)
      With all these reservations and inconsistencies, I hope this listing will grow over time, and that it will be of use and interest to readers, and that it will help collectors locate books of interest to them.
      I hope any incompleteness or patchiness will be overlooked by readers. I am not a book expert, and I do all the research for these listings myself, without anyone to assist me (except for publicly available sources of information which I have consulted), and I cannot hope to compete with some of the comprehensive book-list sites which are out there (which I intend to include links to on my own site at some time when I have organized the information). But I do hope this site will fill a niche in that it does attempt to achieve a completeness of title listings that I have rarely found on those other sites, especially with regard to short stories that belong to series - something usually overlooked by sites that are complete in their novel listings (including some of the more scholarly sites); and also with regard to my arranging books by series in my primary listing, which most of the other sites do not do (although some do use links to secondary series pages).

Conventions I have used in listings, and what they mean

      I will, to begin with, organize information into one long listing covering many different authors, arranged alphabetically by surname. (This composite listing will begin with one long web page, and, as it grows awkwardly long, will be gradually split into smaller pieces.) When a particular category of information grows complete, or close to complete, or is very substantially, I will shift it to a page of its own, and provide a link to that page from the composite page. Links to all book-listing pages, both the composite ones and specific ones for particular authors, are given in the table above this Introduction. Some author or series listings, although complete, may remain in the composite page if the listing includes only a few items. I have to consider efficiency in organizing web pages to some extent, and want to try to avoid the annoying trend of some web sites to have many pages with only small amounts of information on them, so that to get even a fairly modest amount of information, you have to navigate many pages, and accept the long waiting time that goes along with that. The only exception is certain menu pages which have only a few pieces of information on them, and must do so by the nature of the information - but any links to those pages will indicate the nature of the pages, and I believe that the different levels of menu pages I provide will make this site highly navigable, and allow you to very quickly home in on the information you want. Also, my total eschewal of graphics on this web site (which is concerned only with text-based information) should also greatly assist speed in navigating it.
      In short, this page will be a clearing house for information prior to going into an author page of its own, and, by its nature, this page will always be incomplete, with items coming and going all the time. I will, as with all my pages, indicate at the bottom of the page the last time it was updated, but will not attempt to keep track of exactly what authors have been updated - life's just too short for that.
      Whether a particular writer's listing eventually appears on a page of its own or stays on this composite page is in no way an indication of the importance I consider the author to have, nor an indication of the degree of personal interest on my part; it is determined purely by the practicalities of organizing my web site the best way I can, which will tend to call for separate pages mainly to be given to longer listings, or listings with special complexities or irregularities. (I would actually prefer to treat all authors in the same way, but this is not an efficient way to organize my web site: it is clearly ridiculous to devote a whole separate page to an author who wrote only a very few books which need little in the way of annotation (I have visited many web sites which work this way, and have cursed the designer for forcing me to wait for the downloading of many pages containing little information, which I sometimes have to pass through merely on the way to the actual place I want to go); on the other hand, a composite page containing many authors will become too unwieldy if too many of the listings are very long and complex.)
      In cases where a series of books is by more than one author, the treatment may sometimes be different. If most of the series is by one author, then all books will be listed under that author's name, including the minority of books by others (whose authors will of course be listed along with their titles) - and there will be cross-references in the form of active links in both directions between the author of the individual books, and the author under whose name the series is listed - if the author of the "minority" books in the series are listed in their own right at all, that is, which will not always be the case.
      If, however, a series is by two or more authors, and none of them predominates either in number of books contributed to the series, or in importance within the series, then the series will be listed as a separate item, and treated like an author entry, with the series name substituting for the author's name. Such a name will be enclosed in parentheses, which will indicate that it is a series name, not an author name - such as "(FLATLAND)", for example. Where contributors to such a series have written other books included in my list, they will have an author entry of their own, with links cross- referencing the author entry and series entry in both directions. However, when an author contributing to such a series does not have other books listed on this site (which does not necessarily mean they wrote nothing else - just that I am not interested in it, or have no information on it), then the author will not have an entry of his or her own, but simply be named in the relevant series entry.
      So, to illustrate these conventions: "Alice in Wonderland" books will be listed under Lewis Carroll's name, because the Alice character is just so completely and universally associated with him, in spite of the fact that other writers have written books about the same character. But, in contrast, I have decided to list "Flatland" books under the name "Flatland", rather than under the author Edwin A. Abbott. It is true that he created the original Flatland, and his book is probably the best-known novel about two-dimensional worlds: but several other writers have made substantial contributions to the concept more recently, and I feel that they sufficiently balance Abbott's original work to the extent that I would prefer to list all the Flatland books under the heading "Flatland" rather than under the heading "Abbott". Also, the Flatland books are a looser series, based only on a concept rather than a particular universe or the same characters, whereas the Alice books are more firmly based on the character of Alice, and thus more intimately encroaching on Lewis Carroll's own territory.
      In short, I feel that Abbott's domination of the area of Flatland books is slightly less complete than Lewis Carroll's domination of the area of "Alice" books. Such decisions, of course, are quite subjective ones based purely on my judgement - but this example illustrates the general way I weigh up the factors that go towards such a decision.

      This site is complex enough from a designing point of view (and I write the coding manually in WordPad, without any H.T.M.L. coding tools), although I hope this complexity is directed successfully towards making it easy to navigate and use; but, in order to avoid adding needless complexity for small gain, I will include these series listings amongst the author entries, in regular alphabetical order.
      I will separate listings only by very broad categories of subject matter or genre. For instance, I will separate fiction from non-fiction, "fantastic" fiction from mysteries or children's adventure books, and the like, but will not attempt to divide books much more finely than that. Thus, when I just mentioned "fantastic" fiction, I intended that to include science-fiction, horror, fantasy, and even thrillers or suspense or adventure fiction with some element of the improbable to them. The reason for this is that it is often quite difficult to determine which of these sub-categories some books fall into, and in fact there are many books which really do fall in between the cracks, and any labels would be little more than a subjective judgement, or perhaps a publisher's label. So I'm going to cheat here, and sidestep the whole problem simply by grouping them all together. Mystery books seem to be a very distinct genre, though, so I will group them separately.
      Works listed in fiction sections are novels unless marked otherwise (markings for otherwise will be explained shortly); but listed items in collections are shorter works (short stories or novellas) unless marked as novels (as in an omnibus edition containing several novels, or a collection containing a single novel plus some short stories). Short stories listed as separate items, where they might otherwise be taken to be novels, have their title enclosed in double quote marks. "coll." indicates a collection of short stories all by the same author; "chap" indicates a chapbook - a short story, novella, or very short novel published in a volume by itself; and "anth." indicates an anthology - a collection of short stories (or sometimes non-fiction articles or essays) by two or more different authors. Works which appeared only in a limited edition are marked "L."; but if a work appeared at any time in a mass edition, limited editions are not indicated at all unless there is something special about them, such as an extra item which is in the limited edition only, such as an extra story, foreword, or something of that sort. I do not like the concept of limited editions, do not like the idea of creating a purely artificial scarcity by deliberately limiting editions; so I am not going to expend much energy researching limited editions, nor much space to cover them on this web site.
      I have indicated the year of first publication of a book whenever possible. This is not necessarily the year of my own copy, which is likely to be a paperback published later, and paperback editions do not always indicate the year of first publication, but only the year the paperback was published. A copyright date is usually indicated, and it is sometimes an earlier year than the indicated date of publication of the paperback edition. Very likely this is also the year that the book was first published in hardcover, but I cannot be sure of this if I have not seen the hardcover edition. Therefore, when I give the date for a book, I do not assume that the copyright year is also the year of publication unless I know this to be so; instead, I will indicate dates like this (to use a hypothetical example): c1983 p1984. This indicates a copyright date of 1983 (and possibly, but not necessarily, hardcover publication in the same year), and paperback publication in 1984. This arises fairly often (my book collection is perhaps 95% paperbacks, and perhaps 3/4 non-first-editions generally), and I do not have the time to research all such instances, so I will use these abbreviations quite often.
      In cases where a story has not been published, or where I know it to have been written in an earlier year than its first publication, I indicate the year of writing like this: w1960.
      I have given as complete a version as possible of any writer's name, including initials or middle names which don't normally appear in their books. Where I know a writing name to be a pseudonym, I indicate this, along with the writer's real name when I know what that is. However names, or portions of names, which are not normally used by a writer are enclosed in parentheses. Thus, for example, "Mendal W(illiam) JOHNSON" indicates a writer whose full name is "Mendal William Johnson", but who publishes under the name "Mendal W. Johnson". Where the full name and writing name are too dissimilar to be indicated by this means, the full name will appear in parentheses after the writing name.


                                                  Michael Edwards,
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