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Bentley LITTLE

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Note (23 September, 2001): I have recently found detailed information about different versions and alternative titles of Bentley Little's novels, and will be shortly updating this page, which presently contains a number of errors, including wrongly identifying as a sequel what is actually a rewritten version of the novel it purports to be a sequel to.

Bentley Little: U.S.A., ? -

The Revelation  1989
The Mailman     1991  (See review)
Evil Deeds      1992  (originally Death Instinct as by Phillip Emmons)
The Summoning   1993
Night School    1994  (University  1995)
Dark Dominion   1995/6  (Dominion)
The Store       1996
The Ignored     1997
Houses          1997  (The House  1999)
Guests          1997
The Town              (sequel to something or other)
The Walking     2000
Nightmare on Elm Street IV  19??

Murmurous Haunts  1997 (collection, limited edition - 7 reprinted stories, 2 new stories)
    Introduction by Richard Laymon
  The Backroom                  1985  Bringing Down the Moon
  Blood                         1990  Cemtery Dance, Spring 1990
  Projections                   1987  The Horror Show, January, 1987
  The Garage Sale               1987  Space & Time, Summer 1987
  Estoppel                      1988  2 A.M., No. 7, Spring 1988
  The Beach                     19??  Eldritch Tales, No. 23
  The Mailman                   1988  The Horror Show, Summer 1988
  The Murmurous Haunt of Flies  1997  (new to this collection)
  In the Warehouse              1997  (new to this collection)


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The short story "The Mailman" and the novel The Mailman are not related to each other beyond the general theme of a sinister mail deliverer. While there are no characters or plot situations in common between the two (even the mailmen in the two stories are completely different characters), it seems possible that the short story, which predated the novel, may have inspired elements of the latter at least in a vague, general sense.
      This note is aimed at series "completists": those who feel they must collect every short story or novel in a series (I am one myself), including peripherally related items, early versions of novels, or early short stories that were later expanded into a novel. If you are interested in the novel The Mailman, you need not take great pains to obtain the story, which is not easy to find - unless just being about a mailman is itself closely related enough for you to feel incomplete without the short story.

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