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Robin COOK

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Robin Cook: U.S.A., 1940 -

The Year of the Intern  1972
Coma                    1977
Sphinx                  1979
Brain                   1981
Fever                   1982
Godplayer               1983
Mindbend                1985 
Outbreak [b]            1987
Mortal Fear             1988
Mutation                1989
Harmful Intent          1990
Vital Signs [b]         1991 
Blindsight [c]          1992
Fatal Cure              1993
Terminal                1993
Acceptable Risk         1994
Contagion [c]           1995
Chromosome 6 [c]        1996
Invasion                1997
Toxin                   1998
Vector [c]              1999
Abduction               2000
Shock                   due in 2001


[a] Robin Cook: My information about this author is extremely meagre: my only sources are my own copies of the books and The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, second edition, by John Clute and Peter Nicholls (p. 262).
      I have no reason to believe the above listing is not complete. Not only are they the only books I've seen by Cook in the bookshops, but they are the only titles I've seen listed anywhere on the Internet, other than titles I know to be mistakenly attributed to Robin Cook, as detailed below.
      The Clute/Nicholls volume is usually complete in its listings: that is, complete for science-fiction or fantasy, or work at least slightly related, as it omits titles which are not even remotely related to science-fiction or fantasy; yet it inexplicably omits several titles in its entry for Cook, and they are no less (or no more) science-fiction than the titles it does list.

      Another writer called Robin Cook, unrelated to the one covered on this page, needs to be discussed here, simply to avoid confusion about novels by the two Robin Cooks which I myself fell into at one stage. I know very little about him, and have neither a particular interest in him nor a complete listing of his books, so I cannot give full information about him or his work. In the following discussion, I will refer to the two authors as "Robin Cook A" (the medical writer this page is about) or "Robin Cook B" (the little-known writer whose works are sometimes confused with those of Robin Cook A).
      Besides the titles listed above, you may come across other books with the name "Robin Cook" on them in second-hand book-shops, or you may see them listed on web sites, sometimes together with the titles given above, by web writers who obviously believe the titles are all by the same author (as I did myself to begin with). However, I believe my listing for Robin Cook A, as given above, is complete, and so if you come across any other Robin Cook novels, I believe they are probably by Robin Cook B. I've researched this a bit on the Internet, as well as in the above-mentioned Encyclopedia of Science Fiction by John Clute and Peter Nicholls, trying to sort out the confusion, and I feel very sure of my facts now. (If you are not interested in Robin Cook B or his works, you can skip the rest of this note and
go back to the listing for Robin Cook A; if you are interested in Robin Cook B, the following may interest you.)
      According to The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (p. 262), Robin Cook B is a British author born in 1931, and A State of Denmark is the last book he wrote under his real name, after which be began writing as Derek Raymond, a move he took at a time when his career was flagging, and when his own name was overshadowed by Robin Cook A. According to an Internet listing of his works which I found (http://digilander.iol.it/gialloweb/biblio/raymond.htm), he lived from 1931 to 1994, and his real name was Robert William Arthur Cook. This name is not mentioned in the Clute/Nicholls reference, which simply names him as Robin Cook. This surprises me, considering that it is normally attentive to such details. Or could the web site be mistaken? I don't know. Further confusing matters, I saw another web site that gave Robin Cook A's full name as Robert William Arthur Cook; but more sites attribute the name to Robin Cook B, so I think that this name probably belongs to Robin Cook B, not A.
      The titles you are most likely to find confused with Robin Cook A's work are:
      Public Parts and Private Places: I came across a mention of this title in a listing of titles by Robin Cook A somewhere, probably on the Internet, but I can't find it again now; however, the Italian site mentioned above satisfies me that this novel is by Robin Cook B - it carries a footnote in Italian which I can't read fully, but which obviously distinguishes explicitly between the two Robin Cooks; and other references, particularly web sites devoted to Gay and Lesbian literature, have mentioned the title in the same listings as other titles by Robin Cook B: these are not explicitly attributed to the same Robin Cook, but the context seems to make it plain that they are. Some other sources do mention The Year of the Intern as being Robin Cook A's first novel, which obviously would rule out Public Parts and Private Places, which was written earlier still.
      A State of Denmark (in full, A State of Denmark, or A Warning to the Incurious): There is actually a chance you might find this book in second-hand book-shops, as I did myself once and bought it, believing it to be by Robin Cook A, whose works I collect. (I don't collect the works of Robin Cook B.) Even well-known authors have a few odd or little-known works, and these obscure works tend to be different in character from the author's well-known works - so it seemed possible that this one was by the Robin Cook I was interested in, even though it was obviously a different kind of novel. In fact, I believed it was by him for quite a few years, although I now know it is not. I still haven't read it, but the least glance shows it to be a totally different kind of book which could not in all probability be by the same author. (The obscure books by some authors which I referred to as being different in character from their well-known works are rarely as different as this book appears to be. But even without that to support my point, I am totally satisfied from various sources that this book is by Robin Cook B.)

      I will list here the titles by Robin Cook B that I know of, together with their year of publication, with no implication that it is a fully accurate or complete listing. I have read none of them, and have a copy of only one of them, so I do not know anything at all about the books or their author.
      My source for this can be found (in Italian only) at http://digilander.iol.it/gialloweb/biblio/raymond.htm.
Crust on its Uppers                1962
Bombe Surprise                     1963
The Legacy of the Stiff Upper Lip  1966
Public Parts and Private Places    1967  U.K.
  Published in U.S. as "Private Parts in Public Places"  1969
A State of Denmark, or A Warning
  to the Incurious                 1970
The Tenants of Dirt Street         1971
Le Soleil Qui S'Eteint             1982
Cauchemar Dans La Rue              1988
The Hidden Files                   1992
Not Till the Red Fog Rises         1994

  Factory series
He Died With His Eyes Open  1984
The Devil's Home on Leave   1985
How the Dead Live           1986
I Was Dora Suarez           1990
Dead Man Upright            1993

  Short Stories
Every Day Is a Day in August  1989 - in "New Crimes", edited by Maxim Jakubowski
Changeless Susan              1992 - in "Constable New Crimes I", edited by Maxim Jakubowski
Brand New Deal                1994 - in "London Noir"
Nightmare in the Street       1996 - in "Fresh Blood", edited by Mike Ripley and Maxim Jakubowski

And, finally (I cannot guess at a translation for this, for I do not speak Italian, and I provide this only on an "as is" basis for the sake of completeness):
Dora Suarez		Clawfist  1993 
Si tratta della lettura, fatta dallo stesso Raymond, di brani scelti da "I Was Dora Suarez", con la musica di James Johnston e Terry Edwards, rispettivamente chitarrista e sassofonista del gruppo inglese Gallon Drunk.
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[b] Outbreak and Vital Signs: Robin Cook's novels are independent of each other, and never form what could be seen as a recognizable series; but some of them do use the same characters as other books. The novels marked "[b]" feature Marissa Blumenthal and Cyrill Dubchek as the central characters. [Back to Outbreak]

[c] Blindsight, Contagion, Chromosome 6, and Vector: The novels marked "[c]" feature Laurie Montgomery as one of the central characters. Except for Blindsight, they also feature Jack Stapleton. [Back to Blindsight]

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