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Rules for Games

NOTE: This section of the web site is in a very early stage of development so far, and it will be some time before it approaches the full extent that I have planned, and the final arrangement of these pages is still somewhat uncertain, and the pages shown below may be changed either in name or in the way they are linked. Therefore, if you wish to bookmark pages in this section, I suggest you bookmark the page you are in now, and then use the links to go to the particular pages you are interested in. However I may rearrange the pages, it is almost certain I will keep both the name and location of this front page for the game rules, so a bookmark here is unlikely to become out of date, whereas bookmarks to subsidiary pages may well go out of date as I rearrange the section in response to the way it develops over time.

      |--( Games for Two or More Players )
      |  |--( Introduction )
      |  |--( Glossary of Terms )
      |  |--( Card Games )
      |  +--( Other Games (Board, Pencil and Paper, etc.) )
      +--Patience Games
         |--( Introduction to Patience )
         |--( Glossary of Patience Terms )
         |--Rules for Single-Pack Patience Games
         |--( Rules for Double-Pack Patience Games )

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