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      Here is a list of all Patience books that I know of; different editions are mentioned when I found information about them - in no case do I know whether any particular edition mentioned is the first edition, or whether editions differ from each other in any way.
      I do not own all the books listed here, nor have I even seen them all. I have used bold type to indicate the books or editions which I actually have copies of, which I consulted in compiling this collection of games.
      Details for items listed in bold type were obtained by actually looking at my copies of the books; for other items which I've never seen, details are copied from the bibliography sections of some of the books I own, which is where I found out about these titles.

Ernest Bergholt:
    A New Book of Patience Games
        G. Routledge & Sons, London, 1915 [acc. Hervey 1965]
        Routledge, 1941 [acc. Parlett 1989]
    Second New Book of Patience Games
        G. Routledge & Sons, London, 1915
Comtesse de Blanccoeur: Le Livre Illustré des Patiences, Brussels, ca. 1860-1870
Ruth D. Botterill:
    The New Book of Patience Games: Mystery, Mustery & Mastery and some Jiggery-pokery
        W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd., London, 1982

Douglas Brown: 150 Solitaire Games
    Original edition as The Key to Solitaire, Ottenheimer Publishers, Inc., 1966
    Harrow Books (Harper & Row), New York, Evanston, San Francisco, London, 1972
Lady Adelaide Cadogan:
    Illustrated Games of Patience
        ca. 1870, probably first compendium of Patience games in English [acc. Morehead/Mott-Smith]
        ca. 1875, republished several times since [acc. Parlett 1976]
        1870 [acc. Parlett 1979]
        Sampson Low et al., 2nd edition, 1875 - republished in facsimile 1968 by Leslie Frewin [acc. Parlett 1986]
    Illustrated Games of Patience - Second Series
        Sampson Low et al., 1887
Cavendish (pseudonym of Henry [E.] Jones):
    Patience [Games]
        Thos. de la Rue & Co., London, 1890
Mrs. E. D. Cheney: Patience, probably 1870s (details not given by Morehead/Mott-Smith, who mention it)
Basil [Imlay] Dalton
    The Complete Patience Book

        John Baker, 1948
        Richards Press, 1957
        Pan Books, London, 1967
Lawrence Hawkins Dawson: Selected Patience Games, W. D. & H. O. Wills, Bristol & London, 1933
Dick and Fitzgerald (probably publishers):
    Dick's Games of Patience, first series, 1883
    Dick's Games of Patience, second series, 1898 (incomplete details of these two books are from Morehead/Mott-Smith)
P. Francis Grant: Patience, Geoffrey Bles, London, 1947
Ella von Hannstein: Twenty Patience Games, Simpkin, Marshall & Co., London, 1908
Robert Harbin: Waddington's Family Card Games, Pan, 1972
Annie B. Henshaw: Amusements for Invalids, Boston, 1870
George F. Hervey:
    Teach Yourself Card Games for One, Hodder & Stoughton, 1965
(Professor Hoffman - see Angelo John Lewis)
{Mary Whitmore Jones - see under "Whitmore Jones")
Tom King: Thirty-One Patience Games, W. Foulsham & Co., London,
    ca. 1920 [acc. Parlett 1979]
    1927 [acc. Hervey 1965]
Angelo John Lewis:
    as "Professor Hoffman": Illustrated Book of Patience Games, Routledge, 1920
        translation from German of book by Blanccoeur originally written in French in about the 1860s
    Selected Patience Games, C. Goodall & Son, London, 1916
Albert H[odges] Morehead and Geoffrey Mott-Smith:
    The Complete Book of Patience, Faber & Faber, London, 1950
Laurence Morton:
    "The Bazaar" Book of Patience, The Bazaar, Exchange & Mart, London, 1915
    Twelve Games of Patience, A. Rogers & Co., London, 1927
Alphonse Moyse: 150 Ways to Play Solitaire, The United States Playing Card Co., 1950
David Parlett:
    Patience Games, EP Publishing Limited, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, 1976
    The Penguin Book of Patience,
        Allen Lane, 1979
        Penguin Books, 1980
    Teach Yourself Card Games for One, Hodder and Stoughton, Sevenoaks, Kent, 1986
Hubert Phillips: The Pan Book of Card Games, Pan, 1960
Vernon Quinn: 50 Card Games for Children, The United States Playing Card Co., Cincinnati, 1933, 1946
Professor Alan Ross: article on origins of Patience, in Games & Puzzles No. 40 (September, 1975)
Bernard Stanley: Forty Patience Games, Universal Publications, London, 1954
Tarbart (pseudonym):
    Patience Games, De la Rue, 1905
    Games of Patience, Thos. de la Rue & Co., London, 1921
Mary Whitmore Jones:
    Games of Patience, Series 1, Upcott Gill, 1899
    Games of Patience, Series 2
        Upcott Gill, 1899
        The "Bazaar, Exchange & Mart" Ltd., London, Fourth Edition, undated
    Games of Patience, Series 3, Upcott Gill, 1899
    Games of Patience, Series 4
        Upcott Gill, 1899
        "The Bazaar, Exchange & Mart" Office, London, undated, as by "Miss Whitmore Jones"
    Games of Patience, Series 5, Upcott Gill, 1899
    New Games of Patience, Upcott Gill, 1911
    A.B.C. of Patience, Henry J. Drane, London, 1908
    Patience, L. Upcott Gill, London, 1911
    Popular Games of Patience, 3rd edition, revised by Laurence Morton, The Bazaar, Exchange and Mart, undated

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