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Haiku - page 2

Summer twilight outside the hamburger shop,
angry grey clouds blowing in from the west;
    down the street, the last cicada is chirring.
Tue., 28 Feb., 1998

Summer dandelion -
    springing up like magic
    in the neglected grass.
Thu., 12 Mar., 1998

Out of the hot wind into the café;
slashing rain upon emerging:
    the spirit of the wind-change.
Thu., 12 Mar., 1998

Chasing the setting sun -
    the magic of the West
    beckons us on.
Thu., 12 Mar., 1998

Pitch-black hillside;
    sinking amongst the trees,
    the moon's crescent, needle-sharp.
suggested late Mar., 1998
written Sun., 5 Apr., 1998

Outside my window, a sunset world:
a hillside made of orange-green light.
    I go outside to belong to it.
suggested early Apr., 1998
written Sun., 5 Apr., 1998
slightly altered Thu., 21 Oct., 1999

Sudden look-out on the autumn mountain-side:
    I tower over the misty valley
    bathed in liquid gold.
suggested Fri., 3 Apr., 1998
written Sun., 5 Apr., 1998

Michael Edwards,
Victoria, Australia.

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Verses copyright (C) 1998, 1999, by Michael Edwards.

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