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George LLOYD

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George Walter Selwyn Lloyd: U.K., 28 June, 1913 - 3 July, 1998

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List of compositions

      The following list of works is mainly derived from the George Lloyd web site, on a page at
http://www.georgelloyd.com/libraryinstruments.html; I will continue to update it as necessary, as further information comes to me. I expect the page used as a source is official, and as complete as I am likely to find anywhere. I would like to thank Mr. William Lloyd for his help and encouragement when I approached him for permission to use this information.
      All works are published by The George Lloyd Music Library, except for those marked with footnote references; the footnotes give the publishers of these works.
      Keys are indicated for works when I have this information, especially for works like symphonies and concertos, which often traditionally carry key labels as part of their title. This information is of interest to me, because, as someone who has absolute pitch and a sense of the individual atmosphere of each key, it tells me something (admittedly entirely subjective) about the feel of a piece to know what key it is in. Key information is not taken from the web page cited above, but inserted by myself. Durations and years of composition are indicated as given on the afore-mentioned web page.
      At the right the instrumentation is indicated as given on the same page. The format for indicating instrumentation is as given on the web page named above, except that I have occasionally used shorter abbreviations to save horizontal space on my web page, and I have standardized the use of slash marks to separate the major sections of the orchestra or other forces included in a score. In particular, I have chosen to group the Horns with the rest of the brass, not treating them as a section by themselves, as does the web page used as a main source for this catalogue.
      Numbers indicate, left to right, the numbers of instruments in a work, in the standard order found in orchestral scores, with slash marks separating the major sections of the orchestra, thus: Flutes (and Piccolo), Oboes (and Cor Anglais), Clarinets (and Bass Clarinet), Bassoons (and Contrabassoon) / Horns, Trumpets, Trombones, Tuba(s) / Percussion (number of Timpanists, number of other Percussionists) / Strings (the usual make-up of Violins 1, Violins 2, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses, the numbers of each instrument not usually specified in scores).
      There are aspects of this notation I don't fully understand, such as the use sometimes, and non-use at other times, of full-stops between the numbers, especially in the percussion indications. I have reproduced these elements exactly as I found them; but if I find out whether these differences have any meaning, and what it is, I will update the notations and standardize the way they are set out.


    Symphony no.  1  A major             1932  25'  2222/4330/1.2/Str
    Symphony no.  2                      1933  34'  2222/4230/1/Str
    Symphony no.  3                      1933  23'  2222/4330/1.2./Str
    Symphony no.  4  B major (Arctic)    1946  65'  3343/4331/1.2./Hp.Cel./Str
    Symphony no.  5  Bb major            1948  56'  3333/4331/1.2./Hp.Cel./Str
    Symphony no.  6                      1956  23'  3333/4330/1.1./Hp./Str
    Symphony no.  7  d minor             1959  50'  3333/4331/1.4/Hp.Cel.Org./Str
    Symphony no.  8                      1961  46'  3333/4331/1.3/Hp/Str
    Symphony no.  9  Bb major            1969  28'  3333/4431/1.4./Hp.Cel.Str
    Symphony no. 10 (November Journeys)  1981  29'  PiccTrpt/3BbTr/1Flug/3FHrn/3Trbn/1Euph/1Tuba
    Symphony no. 11                      1985  60'  3343/4432/1.4./Hp/Cel/Str
    Symphony no. 12                      1989  41'  3333/4431/1.4./Hp.Cel./Str

    Piano Concerto no. 1 (Scapegoat)  1963  25'  3333/4331/1.3./Hp.Str
    Piano Concerto no. 2              1964  33'  3333/4331/1.3./Hp.Str
    Piano Concerto no. 3              1968  50'  3333/4331/1.3./Hp.Str
    Piano Concerto no. 4              1970  37'  2222/3220/1.1./Str
    Violin Concerto no. 1             1970  28'  3333/2220/No perc.No str
    Violin Concerto no. 2             1977  33'  Strings only
    Cello Concerto                    1997  28'  2222/31./Str

    The Serf - Prelude Act II  1938           2222/4230/1.Str
    Overture The Serf          1947  12' 30"  2222/4231/1.2./Str
    Overture John Socman       1951   5' 30"  2222/4230/1./Str
    Charade (suite)            1969  33'      3333/4331/1.4./Hp.Cel.Str.
    Le Pont Du Gard            1990  10'      3322/4231/1.3./Hp.Cel.Str.
    Dying Tree                 1992  10'      3333/4331/1.2./Str.
    Floating Cloud             1993  16'      3333/4331/1.2./Hp.Str.
    In Memoriam                1996           2212/2220/1./Str.
    Suite - The Serf No. 1     1997           3333/4331/1.2./Str.
    Suite - The Serf No. 2     1997           3321 AltSax/4331/1.2./Str.


  With Orchestra

      Iernin       1934  2 hr. 24'  2222/3230/1.1./Str
      The Serf     1938  2 hr. 25'  2222/4231/1.3./Str
      John Socman  1951  2 hr. 30'  2222/4231/1/Hp/Str

      Pervigilium Veneris (The Vigil of Venus)  1980  78'  Ch.SemCh.Sop.Ten./4444/4632/1.4.Hp.Cel.Org.Str  [a]
      A Symphonic Mass                          1992  61'  3333/4432/1.4./Hp.Cel.Org./Str/Ch.
      A Litany                                  1995  51'  Sop.Bar.Ch./3232/3331/1.2./Hp./Str
      Requiem Mass                              1998  47'  Org/Counter Tenor/Choir SATB
          (First performance (posthumous) 1999)

  A Cappella
    Psalm 130                      1995  8'      S.A.T.B.
    Invocation to the Virgin Mary  1995  7' 20"  S.A.T.B.

  Royal Parks               1984  14       Standard British Brass Band  [c]
  Diversions on Bass Theme  1986  11       Standard British Brass Band  [b]
  English Heritage          1987  16' 30"  Standard British Brass Band  [b]
  Evening Song              1991  11' 40"  Standard British Brass Band  [b]
  King's Messenger          1993  12'      Standard British Brass Band  [d]

  H.M.S. Trinidad March  1941   5' 30"  Wind Band and Brass Band  [b]
  Forest of Arden        1987  10' 30"  Wind Band                 [b]


    An African Shrine                          1966  23'
    St. Antony and the Bogside Beggar          1972   7' 30"
    The Lily Leaf and the Grasshopper          1972  11' 25"
    The Road Through Samarkind                 1972   9' 12"
    The Aggressive Fishes                      1972   8'
    Transformation of that Naked Ape  (Suite)  1972  20' 45"
    Intercom Baby                              1987   8' 22"

  Two Pianos
    Aubade                      1971  38'      [a]
    Eventide                    1989  10' 46"
    The Road Through Samarkand  1995   9' 38"

  Lament, Air and Dance  1975  31' 30"  Violin and Piano
  Sonata                 1976  28' 39"  Violin and Piano
  A Miniature Triptych   1981  17' 30"  Brass Quintet (2 Tr., Hn., Tbn., Tuba)  [a]


[a] Pervigilium Veneris (The Vigil of Venus); Aubade; A Miniature Triptych:
      These works are published by U.M.P. [
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[b] Diversions on Bass Theme; English Heritage; Evening Song; H.M.S. Trinidad March; Forest of Arden:
      These works are published by R. Smith & Co. The title of the first is as given on the page where I got the list of Lloyd's works; but the Chandos Records web site gives the title as "Diversions on a Brass Theme". I will update this anomaly as soon as I am able to determine which title is correct. [
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[c] Royal Parks:
      This work is published by Boosey & Hawkes. [
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[d] King's Messenger:
      This work is published by Chester Music Ltd. [
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George Lloyd recordings

      Information on recordings will follow later. See the George Lloyd links below for other web sites that have information on George Lloyd recordings, of which there are many.

George Lloyd links

      There are various web pages that give information about George Lloyd, and I list a few here that seem especially informative. If anyone knows of any other good ones that I could include here, I would always be glad to hear from them.

Note (2 August, 2002):
      Some of the links given are outdated now, and I have deactivated the links in question, but will leave the mention for them on the page for the time being, since I wish to research whether these pages have really disappeared or merely moved elsewhere. I will investigate whether they have been incorporated into the new George Lloyd web site, which appears below as the first link. If they have not been, I hope the web site's owner will consider including them at some point, if they can be located anywhere on the web. As soon as I have thoroughly investigated, I will give information on any new locations I have been able to find for these web pages.
      My thanks to William Lloyd for some of the information included in my updating.

Official George Lloyd web site

      E-mail contacts:
            albany@georgelloyd.com - for recording related enquiries
            library@georgelloyd.com - for publishing and sheet music
            will@georgelloyd.com - for any other enquiries

Note (2 August, 2002): The following three pages have disappeared; however, I hope to discover that they have merely been relocated, not disappeared altogether.

      http://www.albanyrecords.demon.co.uk/e.html - George Lloyd home page at Albany Records web site. Several subsidiary pages link off it, including the following one; also on these pages is information on how to purchase copies of George Lloyd's scores.
            http://www.albanyrecords.demon.co.uk/k01.html - This page is subsidiary to the above, and the source from which I obtained the above catalogue of compositions.
                  New location: http://www.georgelloyd.com/libraryinstruments.html
      http://www.albanyrecords.demon.co.uk/news/news01.html - George Lloyd obituary in Albany Records Newsletter.

Note (2 August, 2002): Music Web appears to be merging with Classical All Network. Most of the following three pages are still there, but it is obviously uncertain how much longer they will remain (the one whose link is deactivated has already disappeared). I will investigate Classical All Network (http://www.classicall.net/) and see if I can locate the pages - I sincerely hope they are all still to be found there, and will provide up-to-date links as soon as I'm able to find new locations for them.

      http://www.musicweb.force9.co.uk/music/lloyd/ - British Music Society page on the Symphonies by Paul Conway.

      http://www.musicweb.force9.co.uk/music/lloyd/george.htm - A Personal Tribute by Paul Conway, also on a British Music Society page.

      http://www.musicweb.force9.co.uk/music/gundry/front.htm - Autobiography of Inglis Gundry; includes a chapter on Rutland and Kathleen Boughton, and William and George Lloyd (father and son respectively).

http://www.britishclassicalmusic.com/lloyd.html - Essay on George Lloyd by Jane Lofthouse.


      If anyone who reads this knows of further compositions by George Lloyd, however minor or insignificant they may seem, I would be most grateful if they could tell me about them, since I wish to keep this catalogue as complete as possible.
      I would also be very appreciative if anyone can tell me new locations for any of the deactivated web-site links above, which seem to have disappeared.
      I am not seeking at this stage to include biographical or musicological information about the composer and his works, since I do not have the time, expertise, or resources to investigate these aspects as fully as they would deserve, and some of the pages I've provided links to do this far better than I could hope to. Nevertheless, if anyone has interesting information about the composer or his works that they think I should include in this page, I would be glad to hear from them, and I would consider whether I could incorporate that in this page. But my main focus is on providing as complete bibliographic information about the composer's output as I possibly can. Thank you.

Michael Edwards,
Victoria, Australia.

Tuesday, 28 November, 2000; Friday, 2 August, 2002.

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      This page is obviously incomplete, as will be immediately apparent to anyone who reads it through. Please go here for an explanation about the setback that is responsible for my not completing this page, and why it may never be completed, or why it may happen only very slowly. Not that this makes any real difference to someone who would like to see the page complete - but I feel I should at least explain the situation.
      I will leave this page here, incomplete as it is, in case the information already written is useful to some readers researching a topic they may have difficulty finding information about on the Internet.

      The catalogue of Lloyd's work is complete, as far as I know. What is missing is promised information about recordings of Lloyd's work. I know little about this at present, but it can be researched on the Internet, and I might have a certain amount of information in my own files, although I can't put my hands on it just now. I'm afraid that this will at best be a long-term project which I may follow up one day - by which time the availability of old or new recordings may of course be quite different.

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