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Kaikhosru Shapurji SORABJI

Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji: U.K., 1892 - 1988

A list of Sorabji's compositions is not available yet, but further links to Sorabji-related material are given here:

      Introduction to Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji
      Errors in Opus Clavicembalisticum

      The two pages whose links have just been given were on this web site before this page was created. Please note that I have slightly reorganized the location of my Sorabji pages relative to the overall structure of the web site. All the links on this web site have been adjusted to this new structure, but it is possible you have have bookmarked a different Sorabji page that now points to this page, and that this is how you got here (expecting to reach the other page). This is because I have transferred the file-name "Sorabji.htm" to this page. To go to the page that formerly had this file-name, please use the first of the two links just given.


      This page is obviously incomplete, as will be immediately apparent to anyone who reads it through. Please go here for an explanation about the setback that is responsible for my not completing this page, and why it may never be completed, or why it may happen only very slowly. Not that this makes any real difference to someone who would like to see the page complete - but I feel I should at least explain the situation.
      I will leave this page here, incomplete as it is, in case the information already written is useful to some readers researching a topic they may have difficulty finding information about on the Internet.

      I was going to put as complete a catalogue as I could find of Sorabji's compositions on this page. While I do have such a catalogue, it will be quite a job organizing it into a clear form, since, as far as I can make out, the state of bibliographic information on Sorabji's works is very confused, with a plethora of incomplete works, lost manunscripts, renumbered compositions, and the like. I am not expert on Sorabji, and can only rely on other sources for constructing a catalogue. However, I hope to be able to compile this catalogue in a suitable form as circumstances allow.

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