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Incomplete listing (within each category, given in order of publication where known;
volumes in the new Keys Press edition of the complete piano works are also indicated)

Roy Ewing Agnew: Australia, 18xx - 19xx

PIANO WORKS (listing of piano works is complete)

  Australian Forest Pieces - Nicholson & Co., Limited - 1913 (Keys, Vol. 1)
    1. Gnome Dance
    2. When Evening Shadows Fall
    3. Forest Nymphs at Play
    4. Night in the Forest
    5. By a Quiet Stream
    6. The Forest Grandeur

  Dance of the Wild Men - Allan & Co., Pty. Ltd. - 1921      (Keys, Vol. 8)
  Symphonic Poem (La Belle Dame Sans Merci)                  (Keys, Sonatas)
  Fantasie Sonata                                            (Keys, Sonatas)
  Sonata (1929)                                              (Keys, Sonatas)
  Sonata Poème                                               (Keys, Sonatas)
  Sonata Ballade                                             (Keys, Sonatas)

  Youthful Fancies                                           (Keys, Vol. 1)
    1. The Merry-Go-Round
    2. The Gurgling Brook
    3. The Sunlit Glade
    4. Sleeping Child

  Two Poems (1922)                                           (Keys, Vol. 2)
    2. (To the Sunshine)

  Toccata Tragica (Poème Tragique)                           (Keys, Vol. 2)
  Poème Tragique (Toccata Tragica)                           (Keys, Vol. 2)
     (These two publications are slightly different versions of the same piece.  
The Keys Press edition follows the Allan's text, but details in footnotes some 
of the differences between the two editions.  I do not know if it details 
all differences, though.)

  Three Poems (1927)                                         (Keys, Vol. 2)
    3. [G#-minor-ish]

  Four Preludes (1925)                                       (Keys, Vol. 3)
    2. [G# minor]
    3. (The Wind)

  Three Preludes (1927)                                      (Keys, Vol. 3)
    1. [A major]
    2. [Eb minor]
    3. [B major]

  Etude                                                      (Keys, Vol. 4)
  A Dance Impression                                         (Keys, Vol. 4)
  A May Day                                                  (Keys, Vol. 4)
  An Autumn Morning                                          (Keys, Vol. 4)
  Capriccio                                                  (Keys, Vol. 4)
  Pangbourne Fields                                          (Keys, Vol. 5)

  Three Lyrics                                               (Keys, Vol. 5)
    1. The Falling Snow
    2. A Quest
    3. The Happy Lad

  Rural Sketches                                             (Keys, Vol. 5)
    1. The Shepherd on the Hill
    2. The Fairy Dell
    3. A Starry Night
    4. At the Fair

  Two Pieces                                                 (Keys, Vol. 6)
    An English Dance
    A Country Lane

  Contrasts                                                  (Keys, Vol. 6)
    1. A Child's Dream
    2. Country Dance
    3. Winter Solitude
    4. Elegy
    5. April on the Hills

  Deirdre's Lament                                           (Keys, Vol. 7)
  Elf Dance                                                  (Keys, Vol. 7)
  Rabbit Hill                                                (Keys, Vol. 7)
  Rhapsody                                                   (Keys, Vol. 7)
  The Windy Hill                                             (Keys, Vol. 8)
  Toccata                                                    (Keys, Vol. 8)
  Drifting Mists                                             (Keys, Vol. 9)

  Whither, and Exaltation                                    (Keys, Vol. 9)

  Before Dawn                                                (Keys, Vol. 9)
  Noontide                                                   (Keys, Vol. 9)
  Trains                                                     (Keys, Vol. 9)

  Holiday Suite                                              (Keys, Vol. 10)
    1. Spiders
    2. Holidays
    3. Lullaby
    4. The Party
    5. March of the Soldier Ants

  Album Leaf                                                 (Keys, Vol. 10)
  Sea Surge                                                  (Keys, Vol. 10)
  Sonata Legend (Capricornia) (1949)                         (Keys, Sonatas)

  Two Pieces                                                 (Keys, Vol. 10)
    In Meditation
    Looking Back

  Nocturne                                                   (Keys, Vol. 11)
  Will o' the Wisp I                                         (Keys, Vol. 11)
  Will o' the Wisp II                                        (Keys, Vol. 11)
  "Second Sonata" (Ossianic) (incomplete work)               (Keys, Sonatas)

PIANO DUETS (listing of piano duets is complete)

  Green Valley                                               (Keys, Vol. 12)
  The Village Fair                                           (Keys, Vol. 12)

      (I do not so far have information about these categories, although I believe a few such works exist. I will complete this section if and when I am able to obtain reliable and complete information on this.)

      (I do not so far have information about this category, although I know a number of songs with piano accompaniment to exist. I will complete this section if and when I am able to obtain reliable and complete information on this.)

Key frequencies for Roy Agnew's piano works

      I often wonder about the fact that some composers seem to have favourite keys, and use them disproportionately often. For interest, I append to this list a table showing the number of pieces in each key.
      Some pieces may not be identifiably in any key, and they are not counted in this list; also, there may be pieces I do not personally know, so I cannot include them. Thus the total number of pieces indicated here may be less than the number listed above.
      When multi-movement works are, as a whole, in a certain key, the different movements are not counted separately; but in looser collections, such as suites, which are not in any particular key as a whole, each movement is counted separately.

Key frequencies
ab minor XX Cb major xx
eb minor XX Gb major xx
bb minor XX Db major xx
f minor XX Ab major xx
c minor XX Eb major xx
g minor XX Bb major xx
d minor XX F major xx
a minor XX C major xx
e minor XX G major xx
b minor XX D major xx
f# minor XX A major xx
c# minor XX E major xx
g# minor XX B major xx
d# minor XX F# major xx
a# minor XX C# major xx

List of probable errors in the new Keys Press edition of the complete piano works.

Michael Edwards,
Victoria, Australia.

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      This page is obviously incomplete, as will be immediately apparent to anyone who reads it through. Please go here for an explanation about the setback that is responsible for my not completing this page, and why it may never be completed, or why it may happen only very slowly. Not that this makes any real difference to someone who would like to see the page complete - but I feel I should at least explain the situation.
      I will leave this page here, incomplete as it is, in case the information already written is useful to some readers researching a topic they may have difficulty finding information about on the Internet.

      The catalogue of piano works is complete, as is the very short list of piano duets, although the information about original publishers is not complete. I do not in fact have complete information about this with regard to all pieces - but I have not yet included some details that I do have.
      However, the overall list is not complete, because still to be added are various other works. Agnew wrote mainly for the piano, so these other works may be few in number - but I do know there to be a number of songs, plus at least one choral work with orchestra, and possibly one or two orchestral pieces. I do not have this information to hand at present, so completion of these parts of the list may be some time off.
      Also incomplete is the table for key frequencies in Agnew's piano works. I have most of the works, so I should be able to fill this in reasonably soon - but there would have to be a few gaps, since I still do not have all works. Once all volumes in The Keys Press complete edition have been issued, and I have them all, I will do the table, if I haven't done so before then, and will in any case complete it.

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