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Friday, 16 February, 1996

      Michael: Good evening, Bivalia. Long time no see.

      Bivalia:[a] Good evening, Michael. Time does not matter between you and me. It has been either a long time, or a short time, since we last communed in this manner - as you wish to see it. And we commune at other times and in other ways besides our discussions which you so faithfully type, down to the last dotting of the i's and the last crossing of the t's.

      Michael: Ah, well, the computer does it for me, anyway.

      Bivalia: It is not so long since we were last together. Might it have been perhaps one hour ago? Certainly not much more.

      Michael: Well, I didn't call on you by name, I don't think.

      Bivalia: That matters not in the slightest. You called on Spirit, and that is what counts. I am pleased to see you calling on Spirit more often, after a period in which you thought you were drifting away from things spiritual.

      Michael: Well, it's funny. I don't know if I am or not. At times I think I am, but at other times it seems just perhaps not. But I think Spirit seems a bit different to me now than it did before - say, a year or two ago.

      Bivalia: Yes, one's perception of Spirit does change. That is a good sign, even if sometimes the changes don't seem favourable. It is a sign that you are growing in spiritual awareness, that you are broadening your conception of Spirit. If Spirit felt exactly the same today as it did last year or last decade, it might indicate that you were stagnating, that you were not advancing. It is only if you are not moving that everything seems the same. I am very glad to see that this is not happening to you, my dear one.

      Michael: I've noticed that I seem to call on Spirit more often now, and on particular beings less. It seems I don't call on Sananda or Hilarion or El Morya or Ashtar, or any of the others, nearly so often now; but I do call on Spirit. I seem to have adopted the convention whereby the term "Spirit" embraces the Mother/Father God, the Christ consciousness, the various Masters I know, the various beings of Light, the angels, as well as you, my own Higher Self or I Am consciousness.

      Bivalia: Well, this is very good. I seem to remember you thought you would never do that, that you had difficulty in seeing Spirit as some sort of amorphous composite of all the various beings of Light you know; but you seem to have started spontaneously doing just that. It is a very good sign; this is the way things are going.

      Michael: Yes, I think I had the idea that seeing everything as Spirit would somehow cause me to lose Sananda, Ashtar, and all the others, as friends; but it doesn't seem so now. They are part of Spirit, and are just as much there as they were when I thought of them exclusively as individual beings.

      Bivalia: More so, in fact, my friend. You have lost nothing whatsoever in terms of dear friends in the realm of spirit by seeing things in this new way; you have lost only the limitations of seeing everyone as separate individuals, operating only on that level. You can now view them as individuals if at any time that happens to be convenient, and they will be there just as much on that level if you so desire (and I notice you do still occasionally call on various beings by name); but, in addition, without losing that in any degree, you can call on Spirit, and view those same beings as being part of Spirit.

      Michael: Well, I know that other "New-Age" types of people have something like this view of Spirit; but I must admit that my adoption of the idea is something of a cheat. You see, when I used to talk to the Masters as individuals, usually I called on Sananda, because he was the one I had heard channelled the most often, read the most about, and so on; but occasionally I used to call on others, even a group of them sometimes, even a large group if I thought something I wanted to say was especially important.
      But calling on a large group is quite a complicated routine, and after I had gone through it, I would always wonder if I had left someone out. Somehow, I arrived at the convention that if I called on Spirit, that would be deemed to cover all the various beings I had connections with, and just continued with that, because it seemed all right, and it didn't seem to me as if the various Masters or other beings I called on objected to that. So in a way, "Spirit" is just a convenient shorthand for a long list of names that was rather complicated to go through one by one.

      Bivalia: It does not matter in the slightest. There is nothing wrong with adopting such a convention, if it feels right with you, and if it serves the purposes you want to accomplish.

      Michael: Once I got the hang of that, it went even further. Spirit is not merely a conglomeration of various beings, but also includes everything in the higher realms that seems in any way meaningful or important to me, such as that sense of magic, that wonderful unidentifiable something I seem to be longing for.

      Bivalia: All the better, if your concept of Spirit is broadening further. You don't need to apologize for it.

      Michael: So, if I happen to see some trees that attract me, or if I see the willy wagtails that live nearby, or the rising moon, or anything, they all seem a part of Spirit, too, somehow.

      Bivalia: Well, this is very good. That sounds pretty good to me. I think you're doing pretty well.


      Michael: I seem to have run dry.

      Bivalia: It does not matter. Let's just sit and be together for a little while, if that is what you would like.

      Michael: Well, I guess we do that when I go out walking. Sometimes I call on Spirit, but have very little to say, and we then just be with each other.

      Bivalia: That sounds like a pretty good thing to do, to me.

      Michael: When I start a document, I usually aim to write down something meaningful, however. But I am operating under a time constraint, because I have something to attend to soon, after which I may come back, either straight away, or, more likely, after I've had some sleep. But, you see, I operate best in anything creative when I have open-ended time ahead of me, where I can take my time.

      Bivalia: Well, if, on some occasions, you don't have open-ended time ahead, it would be a pity to pass up an opportunity for us to be together. It might be good practice for you sometimes to have a seession when you don't have open-ended time ahead of you. The ideal is to be able to commune with Spirit (or with your Higher Self, which amounts to the same thing in the end) in any situations whatsoever. To whatever extent you can't do that, to whatever extent there exist types of situation where you can't commune with Spirit, that represents a degree of limitation you operate under, and it represents a veil between you and Spirit that comes down at times. This is the time for doing away with all veils, for smashing through all limitations of any sort.
      But I am not judging you. You are doing well at eliminating limitations, and it matters not in the slightest that there are still some left. They will be dealt with in good time, when you are ready.

      Michael: I don't seem to write these sessions as often as before.

      Bivalia: It doesn't matter. These things come and go, like the tide.

      Michael: I mean, I did 13 sessions in 1994, 104 pages (and in the second half of that year only), but in 1995 I did 9 sessions, and those come to only 70 pages. And it is now into the second month of 1996 before I have even thought of doing another.

      Bivalia: Hmm. This is very serious. Presumably you will do only 5 sessions this year, amounting to only 36 pages, and in 1997, judging by current trends, you will do only one session, amounting to 2 pages. Perhaps in 1998, if things get really bad, you might even do -3 sessions, coming to -32 pages - in other words, less than nothing at all. If you end up doing nothing with me, or less than nothing, I might have to give you some lines to write: "I must write down 10 pages of dialogue with Bivalia every day" written a thousand times. Do you think that might cure your decreasing writing?

      Michael: You make a joke, don't you?

      Bivalia: I am giving an answer of the same degree of seriousness with which I regard the problem. In other words, it is not a problem. Unless you yourself are joking, it is just a ludicrous thing to worry about. Who in the world cares how many pages or sessions you have with me every year?
      I think you realize this, and are just being pernickety, because you have a perverse streak in you. But never mind. I love your perverse streak, and I'm glad you don't always have to be straight and serious all the time. But go ahead and write zero pages if you like; and write a negative number of pages if you can work out a way of doing it. The important thing is that we are getting closer together, and you are becoming more aware of Spirit. Nothing else matters - certainly not little details such as you have just raised.


      Michael: Well, I seem to have run dry again; but that's because I have to go soon. There were things I wanted to talk about, but I didn't think I'd do them now. I just using this as a warming-up session after not having channelled you for a few months.
      I must say that I do seem to be more preoccupied with that sense of wonder now, and with Spirit, with which I seem to connect that. I think there were various things to do with that which I wanted to discuss. I'm not sure they were important in any deep sense, but I just wanted to share them with you because they seem to fascinate me.

      Bivalia: Well, that makes them very important. If this is where your heart is leading you, it may be more important than anything deep you come up with intellectually. I think you are coming to realize that intellect doesn't supply the answers to everything. With some aspects of the scientific view you have been preoccupied with over a number of years, I think you have seen how the intellect can sometimes give you a world-view that offers very little hope indeed. I think you are seeing this way of thinking as a bit less of a god than before, without giving up the merits of such a way of thinking, used properly.

      Michael: Perhaps. Certainly I must say the scientific analytical view doesn't seem to have any connections with that sense of wonder. I think I used to believe that the longing could be satisfied in this life if only I arranged everything properly; but I'm now thinking that what I'm longing for is something not of this world, that even if I got the things that seem to promise it, I would find that, although I enjoyed those things, the longing would still lie deep underneath, still unsatisfied. It seems to be the longing for something out of this world, and science by definition limits itself to phenomena that can be observed by the senses, which automatically confines it to this world. If it can't give me what I want most of all, I have nothing to lose by proceeding with life on the assumption that there is something more, even if it is unlikely.

      Bivalia: I think that is a very good way of looking at it. And you will find that once you look at it properly, you won't lose the favourable aspects of intellect, and the favourable aspects of the scientific method. I think, for some years, your fear of going beyond the scientific method has been because you thought you would lose this, and get lost in a sticky sea of irrationality, which is how you tended to view all things metaphysical.

      Michael: You borrowed that phrase "sticky sea of irrationality" from Isaac Asimov.

      Bivalia: You are observant, my friend. Yes, I borrowed the phrase from Isaac. We are quite good friends in the higher realms, you know. Yes, he used that phrase of things mystical in one of his books. But he understands the metaphysical side of life better now, just as you do; and you are beginning to see that there are ways that a scientific approach and a metaphysical approach can be reconciled, so that you can have the best of both, complementing each other perfectly, each filling in the deficiencies of the other, just like black and white, or night and day, or like yin and yang.

      Michael: Well, I think I'll leave it at that now, without getting into any big discussion now. This is a good point at which to finish, I hope for only a short time. So I will say good-night now, Bivalia.

      Bivalia: As ever, it has been most enjoyable, my friend. If you wish to go now, I will say good-bye until we meet again.


[a] Tuesday, 26 March, 2002 - "Bivalia:":
      See the first
note at the end of the dialogue for Monday, 13 June, 1994, for the meaning of the name "Bivalia", and why I adopted it in these dialogues as the name for my Higher Self. [Back]

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