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      You have reached this page probably because you followed a link provided on other web pages which discussed spiritual ideas of mine at least briefly, and this was presumably because you were interested in following this up in more detail. At least, this is how you got here until this page finds its way into search engines such as Google, which already lists many other pages of mine; for I have not included this page in the Site Map for my web site, nor referred to it in any way from any web pages other than a select few which discuss spiritual ideas of mine. I will shortly explain why I have given this page a low profile, even though I am making it publicly available.
      I have, over several years mostly during the 1990s, written a few hundred pages which explore spiritual concepts of the sort mentioned on the pages which referred you to this page, and which detail my own spiritual life and general outlook of recent years, and I have now put them in a separate section of this web site. They are written mostly in the form of dialogues between my higher self and my ordinary self or ego; I do not explicitly claim to have been directly in contact with my higher self or to have channelled it, but I was attempting to get understanding from my higher self, and am open to the possibility that I really did contact my higher self. If I did not (or if readers choose not to believe I did), it would be alternatively possible to regard the dialogue format with my higher self merely as a literary device for exposing a variety of ideas. As far as I'm concerned, this is quite okay if you feel better looking at it this way, because in the end the ideas have to stand or fall on their own merit, and not on whether one perceives that they are or are not pure channelling from my higher self. What is beyond doubt is that these ideas are genuine in the sense that they have played an important role in my spiritual life of the last decade or so, and strongly influenced the composition of my haiku.
      I put the dialogues on the Internet mainly for the benefit of several people I know who were interested to read them. However, I feel ready now to make the dialogues a little more available. I'm not quite ready to give links to them prominently on my web site for anyone to casually see, but am willing to place links in places like this where they are likely to be seen mainly by people who have shown an interest in reading such material by reading background material on my haiku, which pages contain the links you just used to get here.
      If you are interested in reading these dialogues, you may see the front page at http://www.foxall.com.au/users/mje/Spirit/Spirit.htm; the various pages are easily available from here, and that whole sub web site is organized in the same style as the present web site. The material is very personal, so don't bother going there if you are not interested in reading about my own thoughts, or if you think writing about such matters is egotistic. Please bear in mind that I am most emphatically not claiming any special insight, and am not setting myself up as any kind of teacher or guru. I am merely sharing with others exploration of my own thoughts done purely for my own purposes, for clarifying my own thoughts, even as self-therapy, and am only doing this because certain people I know have expressed interest in reading this material, and, having read it, have in fact found it helpful or at least interesting. If this is so, it is not too unreasonable to suppose that there may be a few other people out in the world somewhere who might also find it interesting. I am presenting it here in the New-Age spirit of being open and sharing my thoughts or experiences with others if it may possibly be of help to some; and in fact it would be fair enough to say that the general tenor of the writing is New-Age in orientation, even though there are aspects of New-Age thinking I have great difficulty in accepting.
      The pages containing the dialogues were originally entirely private - cut off from the rest of my web site, and with no links whatever pointing to the relevant pages. This was because of the personal nature of the material, and because I knew that strangers who read it would be likely to misinterpret it or consider it mere egotism. I haven't changed my mind in believing it could be taken this way, but have decided I can afford to take some risk of people taking it this way; I have found from reading, and posting on, various mailing lists on the Internet that the most likely response to anything said publicly of an unusual nature is nothing more than a resounding silence. That's perfectly okay in this case, because I'm only going so far in making the dialogue pages public, and will not actively seek to publicize them in any way; accordingly, I am restricting the places which contain links to them, and the dialogue pages, and this present page which leads to them, are not listed on the Site Map, even though in general I list every page there. If the dialogue pages are to be available, I want people to have to make a bit of effort to find them, so that it increases the chances that those who do find them are people who really are interested, and hopefully open-minded about what they will read. In spite of this, it is possible the pages may eventually end up being listed on search engines, because of the way search engines find new pages by following links from old ones. Well, so be it: that is out of my hands, and I can probably live with that if it happens.
      So, with these provisos, go ahead and read the material if you are interested. I hope you enjoy it, and that it may provoke thoughts in new directions on certain spiritual or metaphysical concepts.

      For those who came here from my haiku-related pages, wanting to follow up particular topics mentioned in the dialogues, the relevant links are as follows:

Haiku generally:
      Saturday, 14 March, 1998,
            but start with Friday, 13 March, 1998, because the two are really the one dialogue, split into two portions purely for practical reasons -
            all haiku I had written up to this time are quoted and discussed at length;
      Thursday, 24 December, 1998 - further haiku written by myself are quoted and discussed.

Haiku 9, 10: the day of the wind change in Belgrave, and driving west to see the sunset:
      Friday, 13 March, 1998, and continuing into Saturday, 14 March, 1998
            (Important: the first of these two should be read first - it is really a single dialogue which I just didn't have time to write in a single day.)

Haiku 15, 16, 17: spiritual ideas generally:
      Go to the front page, from which all dialogues can be reached; the reference was general, not to any particular dialogue.

Haiku 21: magic spots:
      Tuesday, 22 September, 1998;
      Friday, 2 November, 2001.

Michael Edwards,
Victoria, Australia.

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