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Saturday, 26 November, 1994

      Michael: Hallo, Bivalia. How are you? I think I'm running out of new ways to begin a session with you.

      Bivalia:[a] I'm very well, thank you. And it doesn't matter if you do run out of new ways of starting. It is your thoughts and intentions that count with me, not your words. The words you speak to me are more to help your own thinking, not for my benefit. As far as I'm concerned, you could start a new word-processing file and we could have a productive session without you typing a single word. But I know that it would be of limited use to you if you couldn't remember anything we thought to each other.

      Michael: Also, it would make it impossible to show anyone else, if that isn't too arrogant to say. I mean, should I be showing this stuff to anyone else or not?

      Bivalia: That is entirely up to you. I don't mind, and I'm sure God doesn't, nor any of the Masters. If you choose to, I only hope that what I say, even though directed to you personally, is of some help to those who will read this.

      Michael: Is it conceit on my part to tell other people about what I write and encourage them to read it?

      Bivalia: Some may see it as that. But the use of the term "conceit" reflects a set of values, a way of thinking, that is becoming less relevant all the time. I don't think it is a consensus you buy into any more, is it?

      Michael: I suppose not, or else I would be caught up in paroxysms of guilt every time I told someone about it, or let them read it, or every time I wanted to speak to someone about what I've written.

      Bivalia: Well, don't feel guilty, whatever you do. It isn't an issue with me; it's up to you what sort of an issue, if any, you want to make it for yourself.

      Michael: We had Archangel Michael last night at Ra Lyah's, telling us about the 12-12, the special energies to be given to Earth on the 12th of December. He wants us to do special twice-daily meditations for this from the 9th to Christmas Eve.

      Bivalia: Are you going to do it?

      Michael: I'll try; but I don't promise any specific results, because, as you know, I'm not very good at this sort of thing, and tend rather to dread formal meditations.

      Bivalia: Well, Archangel Michael did say you could do it while out walking, which you seem to find easier.

      Michael: Yes. I might have to do it that way. I'll try, anyway.

      Bivalia: Good. But I suggest you don't go round saying to yourself or others that you can't do it. You may be reinforcing that belief. I think Ra Lyah had very good practical advice for you that, whenever you catch yourself saying or asserting something that could limit you, you correct it as soon as you've noticed what you've said: not by saying the opposite (and telling a lie which you wouldn't yourself believe), but simply by limiting the negative statement in a truthful way, such as by saying, "Up to now", or "in some situations" or whatever seems appropriate; just amend the statement in a way that acknowledges that the limitation may not be absolute, that it may not be total, in all situations, and for all time.
      I suggest you remember that, and as soon as you catch yourself limiting yourself needlessly in thought, word, or deed, just modify your belief by consciously saying some such amendment. It may sound simple and ineffective, but if (as you acknowledge) you do have limiting beliefs, or you lack faith in the things that it would be good to believe, doing this will gradually chip away those rock-like limitations; and once you breach the outer perimeter of those walls, they will crumble away all the faster. The first bit of breaking down is harder than all the rest of the job put together. Those limiting walls may have a thin outer layer of granite, but inside they are just so much sandstone.

      Michael: I've been feeling down a bit. I think things have been going wrong, and that always does that. I never get used to the hurts and limitations of this world, but constantly ache to be away from all that. Even the good bits of this world just seem like pale copies of what it seems should really be.

      Bivalia: Well, of course; these feelings are the unfortunate by-product of having an awareness of higher dimensions, that you know are your real home. I know I can't really comfort you adequately when this world hurts you in one way or another: but just remember it won't be for too much longer in terms of your whole spiritual life-span; just remember that you did agree to come and do the work you're doing and will yet do, and that we in the higher dimensions are grateful for what you're doing, and we eagerly await your return home, to be with us again.

      Michael: Well, I don't know why I started this session, because I think I'm running out of things to say. It's a bit hot, and I think I feel too sluggish to think much.

      Bivalia: There is no regulation length to our sessions.

      Michael: Just now, when I went down the street, I tried calling on St. Germain to transmute all my lower energy to a higher frequency. I suppose I thought that might help me feel not so down. For a while I thought I improved a bit, but I'm not so sure now. There are things in this world which just niggle away, and nothing spiritual ever seems to do anything about them. People talk about mind over matter; at times I think matter over mind is closer to the hard truth of things: we may have wonderful thoughts, but the heaviness of matter ultimately imprisons us and drags us down and mocks our finest thoughts and feelings.

      Bivalia: This does happen at times; but if you remember that it is not permanent, that it cannot be, then the apparent victory of matter over mind and spirit is pretty hollow. As long as you hold on to some spiritual vision such as you have described to me in its various aspects at different times, then matter does not really have you completely in its clutches. Just remember that, my friend.

      Michael: I'll try to, but it all feels lacklustre. And I think I need to finish up, or at least have a break. Perhaps I'll come back in a little while if I get more inspiration. But I don't think I had anything earth-shattering to tell you even when I began this session. And I called on God and various Masters, and that takes a bit of time and effort, and it feels wasted now.

      Bivalia: No. It is never wasted. If it seems useless now, it is merely held in abeyance. You will find at some future time of your growth that there is some little thing you are pleasantly surprised to find is already done because of what you have, so-called uselessly, done now. Don't ever forget that, either. Nothing done in the name of God, nothing done in harmony with the light, is ever wasted. In fact, like money in the bank, it grows with compound interest.

      Michael: I hope so. Please excuse me for a while; I feel so heavy and dull just now.

      Bivalia: Of course, Michael. Come back any time you feel like it, for any reason whatsoever.

      Michael: Thank you.


[a] Tuesday, 26 March, 2002 - "Bivalia:":
      See the first
note at the end of the dialogue for Monday, 13 June, 1994, for the meaning of the name "Bivalia", and why I adopted it in these dialogues as the name for my Higher Self. [Back]

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