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Question asked of Sananda in October, 1993

      At the end of October, 1993, I attended a channelling workshop given by a channeller from the U.S. known as Crea. (I assume it to be a pseudonym, but it is the only name I know of her by.) I went with friends Shirley and Jo R., and at their suggestion. At this two-day event, Crea channelled messages from several beings in the spirit realm, including Archangel Michael, and Sananda, who is identified by many as being the same entity that Jesus was.
      I asked a question of Sananda during a session he channelled, which included questions from the audience, and I later obtained a recording of the sessions, and the transcription of my question and its answer given below was made by myself.
      I thought it well to include it here, since this is really what started the whole business of my writing dialogues with my Higher Self, and that in turn has been the main influence on the evolution of my entire spiritual outlook since that time - still to this day, even though I seem to have gone through a period of darkness more recently.
      Well, perhaps this answer didn't quite start my writing of dialogues, because dialogues I wrote in 1990 and 1991 (included in this web site) are clearly forerunners of the later dialogues - but certainly that weekend of channelling, and the reply I got to my question, really shaped the form of the dialogues I adopted from 1994 onwards, and inspired it to become a regular thing for quite a few years, rather than the occasional, perhaps half-hearted, thing it had been before that.

31-10-1993: Question asked of the Ascended Master, Lord Sananda (Jesus), channelled through Crea:

      Michael: Good morning, Lord Sananda.

      Sananda: Good morning, dear one.

      Michael: I've got a question; I've written it out actually. Is it all right if I just read it out, please? [a]

      Sananda: Surely.

      Michael: I have a very deep-seated problem with disbelief of the higher teachings. As you can probably see from my aura, I have certain negative feelings at present, and feel rather out of place. And I have scepticism about spiritual things generally, as I tend to have a rationalist outlook, although I seem to have a persistent interest in spiritual matters. But I feel a million miles away from believing in them and making them the centre of my life, even while a part of me feels I might have a lot to offer in this area.
      Could you please offer me any advice about how I can overcome this barrier of disbelief, as merely hearing about the teachings is insufficient to make me feel their truth inside myself.
      Also, do you believe I will be ready and able to ascend?
      Will my attitudes just explained be a barrier to my ascension when the time comes, and if so, can I do something about that?
      Thank you.

      Sananda: That was an excellent question.
      First I would say to you, my friend, perhaps I can share with you a little of your history taken from your own akasha. Of course, again you shall provide the way to accept these words in a way that feels comfortable for you. But I feel that these words may enlighten you as to your feelings that you are having and experiencing in this lifetime.
      Long ago in the beginning of your Earth assignment upon Earth - and this originated in the beloved civilization known as Atlantis - in a great city within this civilization or continent was the city of Poseidonis, and within this city sat many great universities of learning, temples of light we shall call them. In one of those temples, you worked with the Master Hilarion as he is known today among us. Master Hilarion was also known as the Apostle Paul in my last incarnation upon Earth.
      However, in that time period, he worked under a higher guidance of a Master who has since left your Earth plane a very long time ago in the temple of truth. In this temple, dear friend, you received much training in holding the aspect of truth for God, for your planet and for that civilization.
      When the phases of destruction came about this beloved continent, you adhered to this truth taught, and remained solidly in the light that you were expressing. However, when the darkness prevailed, and when the destruction ensued, you did not become part of that scenario, but tried to teach the ones who were falling from the source of light into the darkness of the veils then. You tried to teach your truth, to show others how important it was to remain firm in the light of who they were.
      Without going into much detail, you know the final climax of that continent: it underwent three destructions before it sunk beneath the waters of this planet. You were allowed, dear child, to escape this destruction by fleeing with this great Master, whom today you are still working with, known as Hilarion, and went to the continent of Greece. There, you recreated the temple of truth - shall I say, were one of many to do this.
      Because you adhered to the truth, that was not the only incarnation you experienced much pain and suffering and witnessed the fall of such a great civilization, for there were many great civilizations that you witnessed thereafter in the light of truth, and been persecuted greatly for your belief and your spiritual evolvement and plan regarding truth in itself.
      Throughout many incarnations, that spirit has become dampened within you, for you saw the many untruths being created among the mental structures of humanity, and became quite discouraged about teaching truth and upholding that aspect of God, which in turn today, dear one, in this incarnation, you have accumulated and carried much scepticism with you, and are afraid to allow that beauty, that truth once again, to unfold and blossom.
      However, in this lifetime, the true essence of who you are is unfolding greatly from your God presence and that Christ flame I put there long ago, so you are experiencing this inner conflict of what the higher portion of your soul is trying to proclaim and still having to deal with that ego part of yourself that remembers the pain and suffering of all those embodiments. There is a great healing taking place within you, because, in spite of the scepticism you feel most often, you are still allowing a thread of the essence of your being, and the true knowing of who you are, to flow forward, to continue to light the path in front of you. If this did not occur, you would have fallen by the wayside, as we say, and would have allowed yourself to become encrusted in the darkness of your world today.
      I shall add one more thing here, dear friend. When I walked your plane almost 2,000 years ago, you also walked in that lifetime with me; and, to carry that thread of truth from lifetime to lifetime, you chose to incarnate in that lifetime as a relative to this one known then as the Apostle Paul. Because of your remembrance to the connection of this entity and soul, you then in that lifetime without scepticism allowed the truth to come forward in its totality to serve a great purpose. That purpose in that lifetime was to help anchor and stabilize the light enough with all others for your planet, and especially for my particular mission.
      Since that lifetime you have forgotten again, as the veils of Maya were dropped; but you see, dear one, in this lifetime now, I have come forward to call you out of those depths of scepticism once again. For I need you today to be that pillar of strength and truth you were for me 2,000 years ago. For today, I would say from my eyes, it is more important to remain as that pillar of strength and truth for humanity and the Earth than it was for me 2,000 years ago.
      That is why I have come forward to spark that flame within you, and to keep that flame alive, so that you do not forget your true purpose. In spite of the conflicts you are feeling, can you allow for my essence to continue to flow within you? And if you can do this, my friend, I assure you that by the time your ascension approaches, you will have dropped all of your fears and attitudes concerning your truth. Do you understand?

      Michael: I think I sort of do; I can't pretend to understand everything, but - thank you for that.

      Sananda: There is not much more I could say in this moment to you.

      Michael: I hope to meet you face to face one day, Lord Sananda. Thank you. [b]

      As a matter of interest: after the session in which I received this answer, I was approached by a lady whose name I do not know, who had scribbled out on paper as much of the reply as she could do in longhand, and who was kind enough to pass it on to me. Of course, the text (which follows here, exactly as originally written, and uncorrected) is a summary only; but, considering it was taken down on the spur of the moment in longhand, with no chance to edit or correct it afterwards, it is a quite amazing summary of the full answer.

31-10-93 Channelled thru Crea - Sananda or Jesus

      Your akashic history - long ago in the beginning of your earth incarnations in Atlantis, a city called Poseidinous. Many temples and you worked in temple of learning. You worked with Master Hilarion. He was known as apostle Paul. He worked under higher guidance in Atlantis and you worked on holding the aspect of truth!
      When destruction came and the civilization started to fall apart, you remained steadfast in light, but when darkness prevailed, you stayed and tried to teach the ones falling into veils of the darkness to remain in their light.
      Eventually, Atlantis went under the sea 3 times and you escaped with Hilarion to Greece. You experienced much pain and witnessed many falls of great lands and were persecuted greatly for your belief.
      Your spirit has become dampened as you saw the mental barriers. You have accumulated much scepticism and are afraid to let that beauty unfold again. Don't worry, your flame is still raising beautifully and fighting ego that remembers all the pain. There's a great healing taking place within because you are still allowing the thread to lead you ahead into the light.
      You walked with me (in my life as Jesus) as a relative of the apostle Paul and allowed the truth to come forth in totality because of a feeling of connection with him from before.
      The veils of Maya dropped and you have forgotten again and I have called you to be the pillar of strength I need today to walk the truth.
      It's more important now than 2,000 years ago! In spite of the conflict you're feeling, just allow the spark to continue to flow and all your fears and attitudes will drop before your ascension.


[a] Saturday, 8 February, 2003 - "... I've written it out actually.":
      Yes, my question was literally written out on a piece of paper, and I merely read it out, word for word. I did this for two main reasons:
      The more trivial reason is that I was speaking in front of a couple of hundred people, using a microphone, and standing up very visibly in my seat, so that I was very noticeable. This made me feel acutely nervous and self-conscious, and I felt a strong impulse not to ask my question after all, because of this; but, at the same time, I somehow felt very urgently that I needed to ask Sananda about a couple of things, and knew this would be my only opportunity. Aware of this beforehand, I wrote out my question in advance, so that I could at least sound coherent, whereas, if I tried to put my question in my own words on the spot, I knew that I would stammer and stutter so much that I might barely be coherent.
      The other, perhaps more significant, reason is this: I also knew that, whatever I wanted to ask, I would only have a minute or two in which to say it - but I wanted to cover so much ground, and I didn't trust myself to be sufficiently concise if I made up the wording of my question on the spot, and I thought I might waste some of my time being diverted by side issues, because I might not have the clarity of mind in that moment to discern, and state, the essence of my questions. I thought my best chance of avoiding this was to very carefully think about what I wanted to say beforehand, and write it out so that I could revise and edit so that I could condense it to the real essence of my point. I spent quite a few hours of thought the previous night on exactly what to say, and carefully weighed literally every word in my question, trying to pack in as much meaning as I could. And, having heard from many people that it was urgent in this time before Ascension was to happen to be in inner contact with Sananda, to talk to him, to commune with him, and with my imagination having been taken up rather with Sananda, I actually did, for the first time, talk with Sananda (inside myself), asking for help on framing the questions in the most effective way, capturing the most important things to say.
      Perhaps it might seem that I could have posed my questions to Sananda right then and there, in the privacy of my own mind; but (perhaps not too surprisingly), I was not perceptive enough to get any sense of anything in my own mind that might have been a reply from him. And I certainly would have been most unlikely to arrive, purely in my own meditations, at the answer Sananda actually gave in his channelled reply. [

[b] Wednesday, 7 March, 2001 - "... Lord Sananda.":
      Note how deferential I sounded, using the title "Lord Sananda" like this a couple of times, and with the rather formal "Good morning" at the beginning. Since then I have been much more familiar with Sananda (as can be seen occasionally in the dialogues, where I refer to him); the Masters generally encourage this more familiar approach rather than a more conventionally reverential one. Although by definition a Master is more developed than someone who is not yet a Master, the Masters don't see themselves as being on a higher or superior level, but rather see themselves as being on our level, working with us and helping us; so they don't especially want us to adopt a reverential attitude towards them.
      But this was my first encounter with the Masters, and I at least half believed a great Master really was channelling through Crea, and there really was an almost numinous atmosphere during the time I asked my question that the mere words reproduced above can only faintly hint at. So I really was rather in awe at the idea of meeting Sananda, even in this indirect form, and was quite emotionally affected by what I heard from him, even though in rational terms I can have no way of knowing whether the story he told me was true or not.
      And what about the question of whether it's true or not? It would be easy to be sceptical, as I have been myself at various times, because there is no way of proving the matter one way or the other, and Sananda, relating the story to me, didn't even make any attempt to prove it, but simply left it up to me whether I accepted it or not.
      However, the past-life history given seems to fit my character and my general outlook, even though Crea (if she were just making things up) could have no possible way of knowing anything about me, and what past-life history would fit in with where I am now. But, in spite of that, it does seem to fit.
      Perhaps one may see this as partial evidence supporting the genuineness of the past-life history. People I've spoken about this with, including the two friends I attended that workshop with, seemed generally agreed that the answer I got to my question rang true with my general character and personality, even sometimes that it fitted liked a glove. [

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